xSignals and Length Tuning

Nine Dot Connects is no stranger to complex high-speed designs with very tight timing constraints. While length-matched signals may be aesthetically pleasing, the effort required to obtain the result can be daunting. The concepts involved include matched single and differential signals, T-branches, daisy-chain (fly-by) routing, and serial terminations. The proper use of Length Tuning and xSignals is critical to deal with these issues efficiently.

This webinar will show the functionality of both Length Tuning and xSignals in Altium Designer. Given that we have not covered the creation of differential signals in Altium Designer in prior webinars, a brief primer will be given.

In addition to some tool instruction, Tom Cassidy, our resident expert in DDR3/4 and other high-speed copper configurations, will demonstrate 'real world' uses of both features. Some many tips and tricks that can make the process more efficient.

3 Banks of DDR4s, 3 large FGPAs, and 96 Pairs of 15 Gbps Signals Design
Performed by Nine Dot Connects

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