Improving the Altium ECAD / MCAD Connectivity Experience

In 2008 Altium revolutionized the way we handle information between the ECAD and MCAD tools. This first generation of tools can be summarized as the passing STEP files to and from the ECAD and MCAD tools.
Since then, we have been stuck in this 1st generation of what we call mechatronic collaboration.

Through their partnership with SOLIDWORKS, Altium has brought forth the 2nd generation of mechatronic collaboration. This collaboration not only improves the ability to move data between the MCAD and ECAD worlds, but it also removes much of the manual administrative tasks that the 1st generation of collaboration demands. It goes beyond moving STEP files, and in fact, it is not even moving STEP files!

We will showcase the differences between the two generations of ECAD and MCAD collaboration and the benefits that the 2nd generation of collaboration brings to the design process.

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