Subversion (aka SVN)

The term Subversion (also known as SVN) is thrown around quite a bit. It is a power tool that is free of charge. As of Altium Designer Version 10, the SVN engine is included. In fact, every time you start Altium Designer, the SVN engine is idling, waiting for you to invoke its commands.

Unfortunately, Subversion's methodology requires a bit of knowledge; otherwise, it will feel a bit scattered. How do I set it up in Altium? What's a repo, and where do I put it? Why do I need this tool called Tortoise when I already have SVN in my Altium Designer? Do I have to use the SVN database library to use SVN for my documentation? Do I need to use the Altium vault?

During this monthly webinar, we are going to present a primer on SVN. We will walk through the setup and usage of SVN as it relates to Altium Designer. Also, we will demonstrate the use (and need) for Tortoise. Several common scenarios will be performed.

NOTE: Though we may touch upon SVN database libraries for clarification purposes, we will be primarily focused on SVN as it relates to project documentation

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