Altium SPICE Simulation

This video is a brief overview of the SPICE capability in Altium Designer. It provides a general understanding of how a user would add models to the components and set up and run the analysis.

Altium provides several SPICE specific libraries that a user will need to provide a stimulus to the circuit (i.e., VDC, sine waves, pulses, etc.). They are generally located in the example directory created during the installation of Altium Designer. This directory path will be something similar to C:UsersPublicDocumentsAltiumADxx.xLibrarySimulation, where ADxx.x is a version number.

The 5 libraries provided (all of which are Integrated Libraries):

  • Simulation Math Function
  • Simulation PSPICE Functions
  • Simulation Sources
  • Simulation Special Functions
  • Simulation Transmission Line

Install these libraries as you would with any library in Altium.

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