Practical Aspects of Serial Communications - Part 4

Serial communication is a lot like the display of cascading dominoes. The cascade (energy propagating from one end to the other) relies upon each domino falling in the right direction with enough momentum to cause the next domino to fall. Serial communication is not much different when it comes to propagating an energy wave, which we call a "signal," along a trace. But unlike cascading dominoes, which make for interesting Rube Goldberg machines, we should not have to hold our breath and hope for the best when it comes to the signal integrity of our serial communication lines on a PCB.

Part 4 of the Nine Dot Connects "Practical Aspects" webinar series will focus on serial communications. We will cover several communication paradigms, including SPI, PCIe, and USB3.0, using Cadence's Sigrity toolset, to demonstrate these concepts. Additionally, this webinar will explore how high-speed serial bus design aspects cross over into the advanced parallel design world.

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