Spelunking in the Altium Schematic Preferences - Part 1

What's interesting about Altium Designer's preferences is providing options and flexibility, making the tool more custom to the user.

However, many of us do not go spelunking in the preferences because we do not feel we fully command the tool or accept the default settings. This defeats the purpose of the preferences!!

It dawned on us at Nine Dots that the preferences are a powerful Altium Designer feature but are generally overlooked. We also realized that to show all the preferences in 1 hour would not allow us to cover them adequately. In this webinar, our focus will be specific to the schematic preferences. We intend to demonstrate and explain all of these schematic preferences.

We covered the following topics, and feel free to download the preference sheets that we showcased during the webinar:

  • General
  • Grids
  • Break Wire
  • Default Units

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