When Designs and Designers Need to Be 'Flexible'

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

There have been many webinars focused on rigid-flex design. Many of these webinars come from manufacturers of rigid-flex boards. They explain what is necessary for us to achieve success in manufacturing these boards. We have also seen a few webinars from ECAD software companies showing us their tools' various capabilities.

What is missing? They are rigid-flex considerations from a designer’s point of view. Our tools can do it, and our manufacturing can create it, but the real question is - how do we design it? That will be the focus of our upcoming webinar.

We will explore the following rigid-flex design topics:

  • Board outline and bending
  • Design rules about the flex circuit
  • Component placement on a flex circuit
  • Copper types on a flex circuit (pours, fill, and vias)
  • Routing on a flex circuit

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