When do you simulate?

There seems to be an increasing number of simulation tools being introduced to the market as of late.
Power, signal integrity, timing, thermal, EMI, and the like. Do you need them? Should you use them? Are you missing out on something that can improve the design?

Simulation tools are an investment in both time and money. While some may provide instant answers or verification, others may require time to understand the tool, set up the initial conditions, and interpret the results.

This month, we will take a deeper look into this concept of simulation:

  • Where do simulations fit into the design process and why
  • Circuit sim vs. Layout sim vs. structure sim
  • Example of software types and applications
  • Pitfalls and misconceptions

Please note that this is not a webinar to compare tools but to understand the different types of simulations and their added value (or lack thereof).

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