Coping with Copper in High Speed Design

When we consider the physical aspects of high-speed design, there are 2 key concepts - the proper form of the copper in terms of traces, vias, pours, and the board infrastructure to support it. In our prior webinar, we spent some time looking at the dielectrics and how they influence the signal. If you wish to review these concepts, please click on the link below.

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In this webinar, we will focus on the traces, but more importantly, the reference planes. In fact, it is tough to create a high-speed design without reference planes. By addressing the reference planes, we can avoid most of the gotchas that plague high-speed designs. And, of course, trace practices will also be addressed.

This will also be interactive to help keep you on your toes. Throughout the webinar, we plan to poll to gauge the audience's understanding and focus on those areas that may need more explanation. Also, our presenter Sean Kelly will be showing examples of good and poor practices.

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We provide the video recording of the 3-part webinar series.

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