Powering Up on Power Supplies, Part 2

Nine Dot Connects invites you to attend our Part 2 of the "Power Supply Design Series." This webinar series was developed to provide an intuitive understanding of power design to get a feel for the concept. This session will build off the theory covered in Part 1 (recording below and to the right) and focus on specific power supply designs' specific configurations. We will analyze two power circuits during the webinar, the buck and boost power circuits.

Topics include:

  • An overview of how the circuit works
  • A SPICE simulation (performed in Altium Designer)
  • A PCB layout of the concept

Each circuit we analyze will have a Q and A portion to ensure that all aspects of the presented circuit have been covered.

Jeff Condit will present this design series, a principal engineer at Nine Dot Connects with over 40 years of experience in electrical engineering. Jeff presented the Part 1 of the current series last time, and a 2 part series on high speed PCB design a few months back. If you are interested in viewing these 2 part series, click here to view.

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