Powering Up on Power Supplies, Part 1

Nine Dot Connects invites you to attend our new design series on power supply design. This webinar series was developed to provide an intuitive understanding of power design to get a feel for the concept. Our approach will be from the ground up, starting with the key elements needed in the power supply and working our way to the structure and types of power supplies.

Our first webinar will focus on the common components that make up a power supply.

Topics include:

  • An in-depth review of LRCs (primarily, the inductor and capacitor aspects)
  • Parasitic effects of the LRCs
  • Voltage and current sources
  • Demonstration of the concepts using SPICE modeling in Altium Designer

Jeff Condit will present this design series, a senior engineer at Nine Dot Connects with over 40 years of electrical engineering experience. Jeff recently presented a 2-part series on high-speed PCB design. If you are interested in viewing these presentations, click here to view. Be sure to look for the webinar recordings for "High-Speed Design Series - EM/SI Part 2 and PCB/SI Part 3.

Future webinars in this design series will cover topics such as:

  • Limitations and nonlinearities of inductors and transformers, such as B-H loops, winding resistance, and eddy and hysteresis losses
  • Design criteria for transformers, inductors, and chokes
  • Ideal basic power converter topologies and how they work (this includes where the current flows and when and what happens when things switch)
  • SPICE simulations of MOSFET, a Schottky rectifier, and several sources for both buck and boost power designs

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