A Short History of the Short History of Printed Circuit Boards

Departing from our traditional in-depth technical topics, we want to cover a short history of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). We want you to relax and enjoy the information.

In an odd sense, PCBs and their manufacturing advancements have been a response to history itself - The product innovations of the roaring 1920s, the foundation for communication equipment during the 2nd World War and beyond, the backbone for the innovations brought on by the inventions of the transistor and the IC, and the 'right stuff' for the electronics needed for landing a man on the moon. And, of course, the 'glue' that propelled us into the internet age.

Please join us for a bit of history on the PCB. And remember, those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it (or in our industry, respin it!)

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