Rethinking Parameters with Altium's Part Choices

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A parameter is defined as name = value. However, its deceptive simplicity becomes a thorny issue for anyone trying to maintain a library. If the names are inconsistent, the columns in the bill of materials will not line up correctly. If the values are varying, sorting becomes very difficult. Of course, the more parameters required for a component, the more time it takes to make a part. Let's face it - the formatting is never consistent unless someone meticulously follows a company specification.

Altium introduced the concept of "part choices" some time ago. On the surface, a part choice is just a "super parameter" that has links to datasheets and Octopart; therefore, it can flood the component with parameters. However, it can significantly increase the speed of component creation if we rethink the purposes of parameters.

In this webinar:

  • Understand the primary purposes of parameters in a component
  • What parameters are REALLY needed? (for those of you who wish to keep to 'old school' methods)
  • How Part Choices work
  • How Part Choices decouple the purposes of parameters in a component
  • Limitations of Part Choices

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