High-Speed Design Rules in Altium Designer

Buried in the PCB design rule set of Altium is a list of high-speed rules. The rules themselves are rather straightforward; however, their use related to high-speed design is not necessarily obvious. This month's webinar will explore these rules and discuss the rules' application as they relate to high-speed design issues. Rules that are not listed under the category of "high-speed design" but are very applicable to high-speed design will also be discussed. We will also review the design rule features that Altium added to their PCB layout tool during the past year.

We have enclosed a link to our 2014 webinar on Altium's design rule checker for your viewing consideration. Though the dialogues have changed recently, the functionality and capabilities introduced in the video are still available within the tool. This is a great video for those trying to get acclimated to Altium's design rule methodology and a good refresher for those who want to take advantage of the many rule features that Altium offers. This video was one of the most requested webinar recordings of 2014, and we are thrilled to release this publicly.

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