High-Speed Design Series - EM/SI Part 2

In August, we started a 3-part series on High-Speed Design concepts. This month, Jeff Condit will focus on noise mitigation in high-speed design. Jeff has over 40 years of experience in many electrical engineering facets such as hardware, software, systems, RF, digital and analog, and work experiences that range from military to commercial and everything in between. His talents extend to the ability to present engineering concepts in a concise, logical way.

Jeff will address the need for noise mitigation in high-speed PCB designs:

  • Identifying unintended antennas and resonators on your board
  • Brief review of the fundamentals as to why noise comes about
  • Concerns one must address when laying out digital designs
  • Transforming impedances without creating reflections
  • Practices one can use to mitigate noise on the board

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