What defines high speed in electronic design?

At Nine Dot Connects, we have been asked the following question many times: "What's the frequency in which a design is considered to be high speed?" Would it surprise you to know that a 10 MHz design that could be wire wrapped or placed on a protoboard could constitute high speed? The fact is, frequency is only a part of the story.

The bigger question is, "What factors qualify the circuit as high speed?" Issues such as electromagnetic interference (EMI), cross talk, receiver noise floor, and signal propagation all come into play. It is not just a matter of avoiding or mitigating these issues; it's about optimizing the communication path.

We will address this question of what qualifies a circuit as being high speed. Sean Kelly, who has provided several introductory webinars on the topic of high speed in the recent past, will be presenting. We encourage you to take a look at these prior recordings in addition to joining us for our live webinar on our website.

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