Fundamentals of Library Structure

Libraries can play a major factor in design process efficiency.

When a good library is in place:

  • Knowledge of a component is captured and shared by all members of the design team.
  • The generation of the Bill of Material is automated.
  • The look and feel of the schematics and PCBs of the company are uniform, professional and organized.

There is no doubt that every designer wants a good library; however, the big question is, "What's necessary to make a good library?" In this webinar series, we will introduce the necessary building blocks to create a library structure that can help your organization improve their workflow.

This tool-neutral webinar will focus on the structure of the library:

  • The data necessary for a library and its purpose
  • The necessity of good description fields and what data should be provided
  • The parameters necessity and their formatting

Q&A's from Webinar

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