They want WHAT document?

Despite modern design tools' ability to quickly generate documentation for assembly and fabrication, in many cases, the mentality of document delivery is to still 'throw it over the wall.' Sometimes we give far more information than needed. Other times, the fabricator or assembler comes to us asking for some odd document that we may have never heard of, let alone created.

This webinar will discuss what documents are needed for fabrication, assembly, and test, where it needs to be generated within the PCB process, and what aspects of the schematics, libraries, and PCB layout lend themselves to their creation.

If you are doing any of this documentation by hand, please join us to see what you can do to make the quick generation of accurate documentation much easier.

This presentation is a small slice of the PCB Fundamentals training class that we have developed to assist designers in understanding all aspects of PCBs for successful manufacturing.

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