DRC Revisited Part 1

In 2013, we launched our monthly webinar series focusing on the Design Rule Checker in Altium Designer. This was well received and is one of our most-watched videos. But, we also know since then, Altium has added several features to enhance the DRC capabilities, both in terms of rule creation and the ability to determine a flagged issue quickly.

In Part 1, we will cover the following to demonstrate the capabilities within Altium Designer 19:

  • Purpose of design rules
  • Design rule dialogue box
  • Preferences related to the design rules
  • Pattern and detail overlays
  • Design rule waiving
  • PCB rules and violations panel
  • Violation Details dialogue box
  • Batch/Online DRC options

In Part 2, we will cover:

  • Classes
  • Priorities
  • Query creation using various methods
  • Regional rules
  • Special Cases

If you have a DRC-specific topic that you would like us to present, please reply and let us know. We can't guarantee it. However, this will help us focus on those features that may be best suited for everyone's needs.

Join us to review what you know and learn something that you may have overlooked.

Q&A from Webinar

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Design Rules Summary

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