Making the Most of Draftsman (and Blueprint)

If you have ever had to create documentation for PCB fabrication and assembly, you know?there is information that needs to be conveyed but not?captured in the drawings or the formatted files such as Gerber, ODB++, or IPC-2581.

We depend on mechanical layers, e-mails, Mircosoft Office (Word and Excel), and phone conversations to capture this information. This is manually intensive and tedious, and done under project deadline pressures.? Inevitably, something is forgotten or ill-defined, and?it's another day of delay with an urgent flurry of phone calls and e-mails.

Draftsman was added to Altium Designer to reduce this effort and allow the 'templatizing' of this activity, therefore providing consistent data.

We will show you how to use this tool and provide you with insights into your documentation's best features.

These?tool features work best when one understands the different types of documentation.? We encourage you to take a look at our webinar on the topic "They want WHAT?document?"

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For?those of you not using Altium Designer - We also encourage you to attend.? Nine Dot Connects represents Downstream Technologies - Blueprint software from which Draftsman was modeled.? If you like what you see in Draftsman, you too?can have such capabilities with Blueprint.

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