DFM (Stackup Considerations) Part 4

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) stackups are a lot like a car. We use them, but most of us generally bring a car to someone to repair it. The less we know about what's happening under the hood, the more reliant we are upon others to provide recommendations or perform repairs and services. In a way, we are at their mercy.

We do a similar thing with PCBs - we generally hand it off to someone to deal with it. However, like a car, the more we know about the PCB fabrication process, the better informed we are about making decisions and calling the shots rather than throwing it over the wall and simply hoping for the best.

As we continue with our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) series, we will dig deeper into the topic of the PCB layer stack up. We'll start by reviewing the manufacturing process. This provides us the foundation for the many decisions we have to make.

Topics include:

  • How fabrication materials impact impedance
  • The types of fabrication materials and why one must be cautious about their selection
  • Via types and why there must be careful planning when using them

As a side note, we will be using iCD's Design Integrity when demonstrating the concepts presented.

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