DFM (Library Considerations) Part 3

In our prior webinar, we touched briefly on DFM (Design for Manufacturing) considerations related to libraries. We believe that this topic needs to be covered in greater detail, given its importance in DFM. Therefore, our next webinar will be focused on the component library.

Please note that though the topic is generally applicable to any EDA tool, examples will be based on the Altium Designer symbol and footprint editors.


  • Mechanical layers - what should be included on each layer and the purpose of the layer
  • Special cases - inductors, jumpers, and other commonly used footprints that tend to cause difficulties with the netlist
  • Naming conventions - ensuring that names allow for understanding
  • 3D - its importance in the libraries and how it impacts the component clearance rules


  • Parameters - understanding the importance of the name given and the value's format to ensure a BOM that will be complete and correct upon completion of the schematic. We will also cover the key parameters that are critical for part identification
  • Multi-module components - treatment of the pins and some tips to allow modification to the symbol once in the schematic
  • General tips to ensure that the symbols help your schematic tell a story

This webinar "takes the mystery out of creating a library component."

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