Altium Designer Design Rule Checker

The Design Rule Checker (DRC) in the PCB layout editor of Altium Designer is a powerful tool to help designers constrain their designs to reduce, if not eliminate, errors that may result in manufacturing issues or other undesirable electrical effects (e.g., SI and EMI issues). Many underutilize the DRC checker capabilities because they are not intimately familiar with how to get the most out of it. In this webinar, we will dig deep into the DRC checker's capabilities and show you the tools Altium has provided to allow you to create powerful rules with a minimum of effort quickly.

Topics include:

  • Regional rules (for areas that have rules that are different from the rest of the board)
  • Using the PCB Filter to create rules
  • Storing favorite queries for reuse
  • Storing and loading a ruleset
  • Using Classes to help make rule creation easy
  • Using the Find Similar Objects to help build rules

The link below will lead you to the Design Rules Summary table.

Design Rules Summary

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