Creating Components in A365/Concord Pro That Won't Bite Back

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

As you may have noticed, we took a bit of a hiatus this past year with our webinars. It's been nose to the grindstone with teaching at the local community college and having had a surge of work. However, we have learned a lot this past year, and it's time to get all this knowledge out of our heads and into yours.

Our January webinar is on component creation in A365 / Concord Pro. Though the editor is straightforward, there are things to be aware of that could cause issues later:

  • Impact of the life cycle, revision, item ID, and templates on a component
  • Information you should seek before component creation
  • Creation order of a component, symbol, and footprint
  • Using part choices without being overruled by part choices

If this is your first time attending our webinar on the Altium 365 and Concord Pro topic, you might benefit by watching our video recording on "6 Considerations for Getting Started with Altium 365 and Concord Pro"

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