When Point B Is Outside of the Board

Creating a cable can be a frustrating endeavor. Being an electro-mechanical device by nature, its mechanical considerations are just as important as its electrical aspects. Let's face it. It wasn't something discussed in the engineering classroom.

To muddy the waters further, most companies don't have tools for cable design purposes. Many of these designs are done in all-purposes drawing tools such as Visio, Paint, or drawn in an EDA or MCAD tool in which one pushes the tool beyond its intended capabilities.

We will take a good look at cabling and the basic aspects to consider:

  • The different types of cable and wire available
  • The different connectors types available
  • The information that one needs to consider putting on a cable drawing to ensure that it will be built as envisioned

Zuken E3 will be shown as part of this process, though the presented information can be applied to any drawing tool.

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