Beyond the Design and Layout of Your PCB

For many of us in the design and layout of a PCB, our design's manufacturing and assembly are outsourced. We provide documentation set to our contract manufacturer and expect them to work their magic.

Documentation that was successfully submitted to a prototyping manufacturer may be unacceptable to a high volume manufacturing facility. Libraries may have to be modified to handle pick and place machines. Components are moved to accommodate fabrication equipment tolerances. In some cases, the routing may have to be heavily reworked. Without a proper understanding of the design through the manufacturing flow, more time and money is spent correcting something that could have been done right the first time.

Knowledge of what is required after the Gerbers or ODB++ files are generated is essential. At this webinar:

Paul Taubman Nine Dot Connects
Paul will discuss Gerber files, ODB++, IPC-2581 and their history, construct and effective use

Ray Fugitt DownStream Technologies
Ray will discuss DFMstream to allow you the ability to capture manufacturing issues before release to manufacturing.

David Hoover TTM Technologies
David will discuss issues that are commonly detected in the manufacturing process.

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