High-Speed Topic: Transmission Lines - AC Impedance

In September, we introduced the concept of impedance related to both cables and printed circuit boards. However, that conversation was kept concerning Direct Current (DC) to establish the fundamental concept of impedance. If you missed this webinar or would like to refresh yourself on the topic, please check out the link and request the video recording:

DC Impedance Webinar

This month we will continue to discuss impedance from the AC perspective. This is imperative since high-speed signal integrity is completely reliant on knowing the impedance issues and requirements.

We will compare AC and DC impedances during this webinar, take a closer look at the composition of a square wave, delve into the S-parameters (scatter parameters), S12 for isolation and S21 for insertion loss, and then see how these aspects apply to the PCB.

Sean Kelly, one of the senior RF/high-speed engineers here at Nine Dot Connects, will be presenting.

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