6 Considerations for Getting Started with Altium 365 and Concord Pro

March 24, 2021

We at Nine Dot Connects are elated that Altium offers and promotes products such as Concord Pro and Altium 365. In doing so, they call attention to an important topic, long ignored by most engineering groups - Library Management.

These are indeed powerful tools, but they require a proper configuration. Since both are revision control systems, once put in motion, there is no turning back. Careful planning is required to ensure initial decisions do not later hinder the workflow.

This webinar will introduce you to 6 critical considerations while setting up Concord Pro or Altium 365:

  • Revision Schemes
  • Life Cycle Schemes
  • Folder Structure
  • Unique IDs
  • Component Types
  • Permissions

Q&A from Webinar

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