SOS about Library Scrubbing

Altium's marketing push for Concord Pro as a component management system has shed light on the gorilla in the room known as library management. They have motivated design groups to have a much-needed, long-delayed conversation about organizing their libraries. As a result, we at Nine Dot Connects have been fielding many library management questions. We are elated that several companies are seriously addressing this critical topic.

However, there is a misconception that a component management tool will create an organized library by importing existing data. Like any software process, garbage-in equals garbage-out. Regardless of the management system, the components must be prepared and formatted for the new system. More importantly, design team members must agree on how the components will be maintained. In short, a sound component management system relies on a definitive setup procedure and continued consistent maintenance that follows that procedure.

In this video, we will explore:

  • The general structure of a library management system
  • What it takes to scrub a library
  • Look at the time commitment required to scrub a library
  • The effort to maintain it thereafter

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