Salvaging and Restoring of a Functional Library

Have you ever tried to clean up an old company library, or have you taken it upon yourself to create a company library? I'm sure you discovered this is not a quick or trivial task.

The salvaging and restoring of a library are analogous to the waste recycling process. Recycling material must go through numerous steps to sort it, remove impurities, and reform it to a condition suitable for reuse. Libraries are no different. They must be collected from multiple sources (other than just libraries), reviewed for salvageability and usability, sorted into categories, edited for conformity, and eventually packaged into a usable form for general consumption. This must be organized in a structure and process correctly designed right from the beginning.

This webinar will guide you through the process necessary to salvage and restore a library. This is a must-see for anyone trying to get their component libraries on track.

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