Migrations and Database Libraries with the Wizard of         DB

MS Excel is just as much an engineering tool as an office tool. It is a "bridging" tool used to manipulate data from one program for importation into another program. The same holds for Excel database libraries in Altium Designer. We at Nine Dot Connects lean on Excel database libraries for migrating components into products like Altium 365, Concord Pro, and our product, L9 Manager.

Buried in Altium Designer is a wizard that will convert your integrated libraries into a database library. This wizard has been in Altium since Version 6.x, but was long forgotten when Altium introduced its vault products (a.k.a, Concord Pro, Altium 365, and Nexus).

This wizard can be handy for those who want to migrate their symbol-centric libraries into Altium 365 or Concord Pro. This webinar will take you through the nuances of this hidden cranky old wizard:

  • Review of creating Integrated libraries
  • Navigation of the wizard
  • Conversion of the Access DB result to Excel
  • Recommendations for setting up the tables

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