Altium Video Vignettes

A collection of short videos on useful functions and features within Altium Designer.

You will learn how to install Altium Designer 20.

You will quickly learn how to change the UI (User Interface) color in Altium Designer 18 and newer versions.

Panels are widely used in Altium Designer. Starting in Altium Designer 18, many dialog boxes were converted to panels. This video provides a brief overview of the ways the panels can be configured.

If typing or copying and pasting an existing label on a primitive seems laborious and time-consuming, check out the 'insert' hotkey key. This feature drastically reduces the amount of time duplicating a label for different primitives in the schematic editor.

This video explains the reference prompt when using a copy or cut function in the PCB layout editor. This video will also explain how to enable the reference feature in the schematic editor as well.

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