Outjob in Altium Designer

How important is it to create correct and consistent documents for your PCB designs? Do you have a process and tools to perform the task of correct, consistent PCB documentation creation in an efficient and automated way?

The completion of a board layout is simply a milestone; it does not mark the end of a project but rather the beginning of an effort to get everything documented. Documentation provides the information necessary to communicate the designer's intent to those who will fabricate, assemble, test, and in some cases, manufacture in high volume. It is also necessary to allow you and your colleagues the ability to revisit, revise, and improve existing designs.

Altium Designer provides a batching capability called the Outjob file. This file allows a team or designer to set up their documentation configuration to generate all the PCB documentation exactly and consistently for each project. Bill of Material, Gerbers, ODB++, Pick and Place files, Drill files, 3D drawings, PCB layout drawings, and schematics can all be set up with the Outjob files to ensure consistent and professional documentation.

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