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Nine Dot Connects conducts monthly webinars on various PCB design techniques throughout the year. Please consider providing us with your feedback on our prior webinars or any PCB-related topic of interest for future webinars. We provide recordings on various PCB design techniques throughout the year. Please consider providing us with your feedback on our videos or any PCB-related topic of interest for future videos.

We publish our videos through our YouTube channel - NineDotConnects. If you want to keep up with our free learning video offerings, subscribe to our channel.

"I love participating in the Nine Dot Connects webinars. They are a great source of useful information on many various topics related to the PCB design industry. The presentation topics are thoroughly researched and professionally delivered in an interesting and engaging style. I appreciate that the subject matter is presented in an easy to understand and relatable format. Thank-you, Nine Dot Connects, for providing this invaluable free service."

Kelly Wigington, CID+ Designer, VPI Technology Group

"Training on Altium Designer with Nine Dot Connects is always a truly enlightening experience. Their comprehensive, hands-on approach ensures that you immerse yourself into some of the most advanced topics of Altium. The free webinars offer critical information and design techniques invaluable to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of Altium. Their highly proficient and adept staff provides you with the knowledge and wisdom you need to tackle today's electrical design challenges. I highly recommend training with Nine Dot Connects!"

George Hunt, Product Manager/Applications Engineer, MICROMO

"I appreciate the experience shared by the ninedotconnects team related to advanced topics in the field of PCB design technology. The webinars and articles are excellent. I will definitely work with the Nine Dot Connects Team for my future PCB projects."

Kuldip Singh, Senior FPGA Designer, SPX Corp

"I am a huge fan of the ninedotconnects webinars. The topics are real and applicable to what I do as a printed circuit board designer. Sean Kelly does a terrific job explaining physics in terms that do not require me to be a physicist. Also, they have many webinars on using Altium Designer, which is the EDA tool I use. I have learned quite a bit about navigating Altium from these webinars. I also appreciate that the webinars are put on monthly. I make it a point to add these to my calendar when they come up. Thank you for all you do. I really appreciate you making me a better designer"

Tom Burek - PCB Designer, CID+, AMETEK

"Just to let you know, I love your Altium webinars, very informative! "

Claus Bohm - PCB Designer, ZODIAC AEROSPACE

"I have always found the webinars that Nine Dot Connects provide to be extremely informative and useful. The topics are well thought out and presented clearly, combining good engineering information and good insights into how to get it done in Altium Designer. Even as an almost 20 year Altium user, I still learn new things from your videos from time to time."

John Lewis - Hardware/Electrical Engineer, CID+, Micro Focus

"No matter how much experience you have, there's always more to learn. I really appreciate the regular Nine Dots Connects series of Webinars. They're a beneficial source of expert-level guidance that I can draw on without disrupting my other work responsibilities. I consider them an essential part of my ongoing effort to stay current in a rapidly evolving industry."

Brian Falter - Senior Engineer, Electronic Innovation Inc.

"Nine Dots Connects is a unique collection of Altium User Experts. They provide the rarest combination of electronic design theory & practice, printed circuit board design theory, and practice with the art & practice of efficiently teaching others. They have an understanding of the application of the Altium toolset that is second to none. After 35 years of private consulting, they are my "Go-To" place for all things Altium."

John Painter - Lead Engineer, CyberESI

"Webinars provided by Nine Dot Connects are an excellent source of information for improving my knowledge of Altium. I recommend them enthusiastically to PCB designers and Electrical Engineers. I always look forward to seeing the next episode !!"

Sebastien Meyer - Supervisor Hardware Engineering, Digi International GmbH

"You guys are great. The videos are very informative, and you guys obviously have a great understanding of PCB design and PCB design tools. Keep up the good work!"

Keith Stovall C.I.D. - Electrical Systems Engineer

"Thank you VERY MUCH for these webinars - Nine Dot Connects become my GOTO source for USEFUL information, especially as related to Altium Designer."

John F. Weber - Owner, Webbone Engineering

"Nine Dot Connects has been a great resource for me. For them to provide webinars free of charge, containing a great deal of valuable information with well thought out presentations demonstrates they really care about what they do and their dedication to training for various topics related to PCB design."

Jerry - PCB Designer, Philips

"Sure wish the rest of the industry was as organized as you guys concerning webinar management and post-webinar availability. Nice work!"

Wayne Long - EE, DMQ

"I've attended the Nine Dot Connects webinars and training covering PCB Fundamentals, High-Speed Design, DFM, and Altium Library Management. All have proven to be useful and informative, and well worth the time spent."

William Letendre - EE, Airmar Technology Corp.

"I really learned quite a lot from all the webinars. I also acknowledge the years' great industry experience of the presenters. I have no doubt and would like to work with Nine Dot Connects if I have the chance. Also, I will recommend Nine Dot Connects if I know anyone working on PCB design and have the needs for technical supports."

Fubin Zhang - EE, Satake USA