Upcoming Training Courses

We currently offer 12 standard PCB and EDA training courses, and custom onsite training courses. Here we highlight our upcoming classes.

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  • PCB Foundations - PCB Design - This training is complete overview of the PCB process, from conception to manufacturing. In addition to looking at the schematics and PCB from a process point of view, lesser known but vitally important topics of fabrication, assembly, DFM (design for manufacturing) and specification writing are also presented. Note that this class does not require any prior knowledge of any particular electronic design tool(s).

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  • Boot Camp - Altium Designer This training was developed to provide the key elements of Altium Designer to get you up and running in the tool. It is streamlined to provide pertinent information on three key features of the tool Library, schematic and PCB editors.

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  • Spec Ops Altium Designer This is a follow on course to the Altium Boot Camp. However, this is not just another round of learning more features. This class has been specifically designed to demonstrate methods and practices to help make the PCB process more efficient and practical within Altium Designer.

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  • Libraries - Altium Designer This training teaches Altium Designer users how to create basic schematic component libraries (.SchLib) and associated printed circuit board footprint libraries (.PcbLib). You will also learn how to create Library Projects (.LibPkg), Integrated Libraries (.IntLib) and Database Libraries (.DbLib).

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  • Schematics - Altium Designer This training walks you the process of placing components from various sources into Altium Designer schematics. This includes component connectivity, error checking, PCB footprints linking, as well as parameter generation for your Bill of Materials. The .Outjob batching tool for documentation will be introduced.

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