SPICE Simulation Training

SPICE is still the primary coding method for analog and power simulation of all the coding languages that have come and gone in the last 40+ years.

Using SPICE requires a knowledge of its coding structure, the methods Altium Designer uses to integrate the models and circuits into the design, the simulations that can be run, and the methods for displaying the output.

It should be noted that SPICE is limited to analog and power designs. It was never developed for digital simulation.

With our analog guru, you will not only learn how to use SPICE in the context of Altium Designer but get the opportunity to explore a bit of analog circuitry as well.

What should be addressed:

  • Understanding the structure of the SPICE language
  • How to integrate SPICE models into the Altium library symbols
  • How to set up the simulations
  • How to present the data

The length of training varies based on the level of knowledge being sought and if hands-on experience is being requested. Though we do not have formal exercises designed for these training topics, we can focus on crafting a training/consulting program specific to your company's needs.

Based on past experiences, the following lengths of time are recommended: 1 to 2 days.

Let's get started