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NEXUS / Vault Training

The purpose of the vault was to provide a storage location for components, templates and projects. More so, it was to allow the user to track both the revision and life cycle of anything that was placed in it.
Where does one start with the Vault? On one’s own, this is not an easy thing to tackle. In addition to knowing where things are, one must understand why things are. What is SVN? Why is SVN in the NEXUS vault? What’s the point of having 2 different version control systems, one of which (SVN) is free of charge?

Here at Nine Dot Connects, we have a few advantages when it comes to the NEXUS vault. With several of us being former employees, we were able to discuss the concepts of the vault when it was being designed. We were also the first Altium VAR (when Altium had VARs) to sell the vault. That was accomplished due to the time and effort we invested in learning and understanding the vault. And lastly, with a solid understanding of both version control concepts and libraries methodology, we at Nine Dot Connects “get it” when it comes to NEXUS vault.

When we present the vault, we teach both the methodology and the best practices for usage.
If you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do with the NEXUS vault, we can get you started.

What should be addressed:

  • Methodology
  • Production versus prototype version control
  • Different flows one must follow for components, templates and projects
  • Company preferences for revision control, life cycle management, static library parameters, etc.

Length of training varies based on the level of knowledge being sought and if hands-on experience is being requested. Though we do not have formal exercises designed for these training topics, we can focus the efforts on crafting a training/consulting program that is specific to your company’s needs.

Based on past experiences, the following lengths of time are recommended: 2 to 3 days

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