Library Methodology & Data Management Training

Though it may sound trivial, the art of putting together a comprehensive component library is complex. Many things need to come together for a good library to work. Consistency in all aspects of the component’s graphical representation and its parametric data is key. More so, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different library structures plays a role as well.

Our knowledge comes from many years of support experience as former Altium employees and hands-on experience at local companies.

We have designed training to guide you through the necessary upfront decisions that set the foundation for a good company library. If you are contemplating the need for a central library and/or the migration of your libraries to another platform or want better control of your current library situation, this training was designed to fill the library knowledge gaps and to assist you and your colleagues in coming to a consensus on library-related matters.

What is addressed:

  • Understanding the targeted library system implemented (or to be implemented)
  • The creation of components - who, what, and when.
  • Critical parameters and parametric formats
  • Consistency of the symbols and footprints as they related to the company's 'look and feel'

Length of training varies based on the level of knowledge being sought and if the hands-on experience is being requested. Based on past experiences, the following lengths of time are recommended: 1 to 2 days.

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