Concord Pro / Altium 365 / NEXUS Training

Over the years, Altium Inc has changed its Vault offerings in terms of name and functionality. Regardless of what it is currently called, it serves to provide a storage container for components, templates, and projects. More so, it allows the company to track both the revision and life cycle of anything that is placed in it.

On one's own, this is not an easy thing to tackle. In addition to knowing where things are, one must understand why things are. There are file-specific folders that dictate file naming conventions, life cycle management schemes, and revision schemes. The setup of these folders will profoundly impact the ease or difficulty of introducing new components, template files, or projects.

Here at Nine Dot Connects, we have a few advantages in Concord Pro and other legacy versions such as NEXUS and Vault. In our former affiliations with Altium Inc, we discussed the concepts of the vault with key contributors when it was first being designed and introduced. We were also the first Altium VAR (when Altium had VARs) to sell the vault. That was accomplished due to the time and effort we invested in learning and understanding the vault's capabilities. And lastly, with a solid understanding of both version control concepts and library methodology, we at Nine Dot Connects "gets it" when it comes to Concord Pro.

We teach both the methodology and the best practices for usage in addition to teaching the tool. Unlike our other classes, this training is a combination of online coaching and on-site training. Setting up Concord Pro is highly dependent upon a well-thought-out file structure, naming convention, and library migration. This effort requires guidance and time. In many cases, it may also require our assistance in library cleanup. It is far more difficult to clean up libraries after the migration is complete.

What should be addressed:

  • Methodology and best practice
  • Production versus prototype version control
  • Different flows one must follow for components, templates, and projects
  • Company preferences for revision control, life cycle management, static library parameters, etc.

The length of consultation and training varies based on the level of knowledge being sought and if the hands-on experience is requested. We focus our efforts on crafting a training/consulting program specific to your company's needs. However, this consultation and training service can take up to 16 hours of online coaching with two days of onsite training from experience. Onsite training includes reviewing the administrative setup and one day dedicated to instructing those who will make daily use of it.

Here is an hour-long webinar video on the Concord Pro topic.

If you are feeling stuck and unsure what to do with the Concord Pro, we can get you started.

More Information

"Paul helped us with getting up to speed with the utilization of Concord Pro through online coaching and a visit to our facility to answer questions, review what had been done, and to tie up any loose ends. His experience with the techniques to migrate components, set up templates, and share "best practices" has been a tremendous aid in setting up what makes sense for our needs and application. He is also an all-around nice guy, and we enjoyed the hands-on instruction and conversations while he was here."

Albert Tejera, Principal Systems Engineer, JL Marine Systems, Inc.