Cabling in Altium Designer Training

In 2013, two Nine Dot Connect members were able to establish a method that would allow a user to draw intelligent cable drawings in Altium Designer. These were not freehand drawings in the schematic, rather, cable components that could be represented in the schematic symbol libraries with parametric information that would allow for the creation of a bill of materials as these components were placed. The trick – understanding which components needed to be represented symbolically, physically, or both.

There are limitations given that the tool is being used "off label" to create cables; however, if you want to create a handful of cables without the need to step up to a system engineering tool, this training course may be the ticket.

What should be addressed:

  • Obscure features used to make cabling in Altium Designer possible
  • The software limitations of using Altium Designer for cabling
  • The use of DXF / DWG files to aid in the creation of complex connectors
  • Practical considerations for each of the cable types in the symbol library

Length of training varies based on the level of knowledge being sought and if the hands-on experience is being requested. Though we do not have formal exercises designed for these training topics, we can focus on crafting a training/consulting program specific to your company's needs.

Based on past experiences, the following lengths of time are recommended: 1 to 2 days.

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