Spec Ops Training Series

As with any design tool, some features become more useful or meaningful once one has a good foundation in the tool basics. At Nine Dot Connects, we offer our PCB foundations and our Altium Bootcamp courses to establish a good tool and design process foundation. Upon this foundation, other aspects of PCB design can be expanded upon. The Spec Ops training series was designed for just that - to focus attention on specific tool features or processes that enhance the PCB design or the design flow.

We offer various Spec Ops training courses to expand upon your PCB design or design process foundation. Our Altium Designer Spec Ops course was designed to cover Altium Designer features that are well suited for those who already have a good foundation in the tool. Topics such as DRC rules, multi-channel design, X-signals, differential pair routing, and match length tuning are covered in this course.

We understand that other features of the tool or design process do not have a wide appeal but may be important to you. We can customize courses to meet your specific needs and agendas from our knowledge of Altium Designer and the PCB design process. This can be done on-site or on-line, depending on the best way to interact with you and your colleagues.

Listed below are training courses that we have done in the past for our customers. If you have a need that is not listed, please contact us to see what we may do for you.

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