Why Should I Take This Class?

It is a valid question. Consider the following:

  • This information is online, but what will be found is a scattering of videos, articles, and blogs. The subject matter is rather vast. The articles will range from libraries and design to layout techniques, fabrication, and assembly. Piecing all this together is a significant effort. It is like putting together a puzzle without the box cover picture to provide some insight.
  • There is also much disinformation online. It is not done on purpose; instead, it is due to an industry that has done a rather terrible job in formally training engineers and technicians in the art of PCB design. Legacy information that was applicable years ago has been superseded with new techniques and findings.
  • Communication between design and manufacturing is problematic. Designers are generally clueless about DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFT (Test for Test) techniques. In addition, there is a sizable amount of jargon to learn.
  • Most learn this skill through trial and error, which is a terrible waste of time and monetary resources.

The PCB Foundation class provides the history and the "hows and whys" of the design as it relates to manufacturing. Anyone who takes this class will be properly introduced to the jargon, the methods and design primitives that are found in EDA tools, the documentation necessary for manufacturing, and most importantly, how the design practices impact the manufacturing process.

What will I ultimately get from this class?

  • Knowledge of the dos and don'ts of PCB design
  • Understanding of the design flow, especially the areas that are likely to cause issues in the manufacturing process
  • Improved relationships with your manufacturing counterparts by providing them with what they need in the jargon they speak.
  • Reduction in respins, thus reducing schedule slip and budget overruns.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you control the process rather than the process controlling you.

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