Do We Compete With IPC?

Association Connecting Electronics Industries also known as IPC is an organization that focuses on the manufacturing aspects of the PCB. Many specifications related to PCB layout, fabrication and assembly have been established by the IPC. The IPC provides numerous on-line training classes and guides, in addition to their CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) certification program.

It is natural to wonder if we are competing with the IPC. This is not the case. Rather, we complement each other. At Nine Dot Connects, our focus is on the design side (from specification to the end of layout) which tends to be more theoretical, whereas the IPC is focused on the manufacturing side, which is physical in nature. The demarcation is not by any means black and white. In the PCB layout, we are effectively converting the circuit theory of the schematic to its physical representation. There is a balancing act that takes place of preserving the intent of the circuit while adhering to the requirements of the manufacturing process.

If one is looking to fully understand the PCB design process, then it behooves them to take the PCB Fundamentals class offered by Nine Dot Connects followed by the CID certification program by the IPC. The PCB Foundations covers the design process in detail with an introduction to the manufacturing process. The IPC CID program goes into specifics that further explain the layout requirements necessary for successful manufacturing.

Please note that though several of our staff members have their CID certification, Nine Dot Connects does not have a membership, partnership or an alliance with the IPC. We make this statement simply out of professional courtesy to the IPC and to provide you some guidance on where to go for your PCB educational needs.