PCB Foundations: The ultimate guide to the PCB         design process

Printed circuit board design is a skill that is crucial to the success of an electronic design. Unfortunately, despite the availability of videos, articles, and software training that touch on certain parts of the process, nothing has been able to provide a complete breakdown of the big picture of the PCB design process for manufacturing - until now.

We at Nine Dot Connects saw a significant need to address this issue. We set out to write a book that would benefit not only the engineer tasked with the design but also the technicians, designers, and managers who support the creation of a printed circuit board.

What does the book cover?

MANUFACTURING PROCESS: All too often, boards are designed that are not manufacturable or will result in additional costs. The theme of this book is Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT).

LIBRARY COMPONENTS: One of the most important documents of a project is the bill of materials derived from the component library. This document must be seamless; errors are typically found in assembly, thus resulting in scrap boards, schedule slips, and budget overruns.

SCHEMATIC ETIQUETTE: When done correctly, the schematic shows the flow of the circuit. It must be readable so those responsible for testing and prototype can rapidly debug the circuit.

KEY ELEMENTS OF LAYOUT: Our book covers all essential layout elements, including the layer stack and the real estate considerations for part placement. With signal integrity so important, the days of adding layers are long past. The impedances are derived from the layer stack up, and the rules are established to comply.

DOCUMENTATION FOR MANUFACTURING: All too often, designers throw every document generated to the fabricator and assembler. It not only slows them down, but it may also expose the design's intellectual property to those who may not honor the non-disclosure agreement.

If you are ready to take control of the PCB process rather than having the process control you, click below to purchase your copy of PCB Foundations.

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