Not All Training Are Equal

It may surprise you that we compete with Altium Inc to provide training in Altium Designer! Why do we have the audacity to do so? Doesn't Altium know their software better than us? They wrote the software! But writing software and providing training are two very different things.

"Taking a design from start to end in the proper order. I took this course from (another provider) a couple of years ago. (it was) taught out of sequence - didn't get around to talking about library parts until day 3. Complete waste of time. Your course was far more valuable."
Ken Gott - Development Engineer, Sciton Inc.

Some of us here at Nine Dot Connects worked for Altium directly as post-sales application engineers providing technical support and instructing classes. Our trainers have delivered over 700+ Altium Designer-related classes since 2007. In fact, the former Altium 2-day SPICE simulation class and 2-day Library Management training class were written by members of Nine Dot Connects when they were Altium employees. Besides, the exercises and manuals for the introduction classes were being maintained by Nine Dot Connects when Altium employed Nine Dot Connects' services for their training needs.

Nine Dot Connects provided an outstanding instructor. Deep understanding of and experience with the material and ability to tailor the course to the class's skill level made it an enjoyable 3 days ...
Michael Rodzinski - Mechanical Test Systems Engineer, Tesla Motors, Inc.

After we parted ways with Altium, we developed all of our materials from scratch, and we wrote them the way we believed best suited our customers' needs. We understand all the software's ins and outs, and since we don't work for Altium, we can present from the designer's perspective without making apologies or sales pitches.

"We had three days of some of the best training I can remember in my career. The instructor handled all questions and maintained a formidable pace that covered a lot of territories and yet made sure no one got left behind..."
Jeffrey Milsap, P.E. - Medical Device Electrical Engineer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

So, what will you get from our training?

  • You will learn from a trainer who not only wrote or contributed to the development of our training program but a trainer who knows all the "ins and outs" of Altium Designer.
  • You will learn from a trainer who has years of experience supporting the tool and using the PCB layout tool.
  • You will learn from a trainer who keeps up on all Altium updates, new features, and, more importantly, the new features' practicality.
  • We offer classes that are customized to your needs; why? Because we are THAT comfortable with the tool and our knowledge of it.
  • We understand the entire PCB process and show where and why Altium Designer and its manufacturing outputs fit into the PCB design process.

In summary, we are the best North American Altium Designer training organization, bar none.

Check out the reviews from the students who participated in one of our training courses.

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