Course Overview

Libraries - Altium Designer - 1 Day

This course teaches you how to create basic schematic component libraries (.SchLib) and associated printed circuit board footprint libraries (.PcbLib). You will also learn how to create Library Projects (.LibPkg), Integrated Libraries (.IntLib) and Database Libraries (.DbLib).

Watch the brief video on the highlights of this course.


You will progress through a standard component creation flow, as they are introduced to the various available workspace panels and dialog boxes to facilitate component creation.

  • Modules 1 – 4: creating schematic symbols
  • Modules 5 – 8: creating associated printed circuit board footprints
  • Modules 9 – 10: creating integrated libraries and database libraries, respectively

The example project used in this course (Developer Tool – DT01) is available from the same example projects folder included with the Altium Designer installation.

You will be introduced to the available workspace panels related to the schematic library editor. You will examine the different preferences used to configure components and then work through the creation of new schematic symbols. Similarly, the same process will be followed to acquaint you with how to create PCB footprints.

Many tips and tricks will be presented throughout the course to give you the information you need that can only be gained through years of experience with the tool.

At the conclusion of the course, you will have a good understanding the types of libraries offered in Altium Designer and their configurations, in addition to component creation.

This class can also be used as Day 1 of a 3-day Altium Designer Boot camp course for PCB development. Alternatively, it can also be used as Day 1 of a 2-day Library Training class, where day 2 introduces more advanced features.

You will be provided with a training manual (103-pages).

Cost: $995 (interactive, instructor-led online)

Course Agenda

“The combination of a structured training course and flexible coaching hours for diving into detail questions has greatly increased the value we extract from Altium Designer. Nine Dot Connects gives us the experience of having an in-house Altium expert to bounce questions off, but at a much lower cost than trying to hire someone with this experience.”

Colin O'Flynn - CTO, NewAE Technology Inc.

"We first worked with Nine Dot Connects via their Altium Designer Boot Camp course. This course was both informative and practical. The instructor gave us a lot of advice that only a seasoned veteran of PCB design and Altium could provide. We also contracted with Nine Dot Connects for PCB layout services. The work was done very quickly and with high quality. I can wholeheartedly recommend them for both design and layout. Thanks to their services we have been able to keep our project on schedule."

Timothy Benson - EE, Xylem Inc.

"Taking a design from a start to end in the proper order. I took this course from (another provider) a couple of years ago. (it was) taught out of sequence - didn't get around to talking about library parts until day 3. Complete waste of time. Your course was far more valuable."

Ken Gott - Development Engineer, Sciton Inc.

"Dan Goddard performed training for 5 people for three days at our facility, and it was absolutely worth it. By the end of the third day, all persons under training were capable of taking a design from a sketch to a PCB layout. The training was absolutely worth every penny, and Dan’s industry knowledge and expertise in PCB design was the key to this success."

Scot Shermer, Senior Engineer - GE Oil & Gas

"Chip Pierce was an outstanding instructor. Deep understanding of and experience with the material, and ability to tailor the course to the skill level of the class made it an enjoyable 3 days. The flow of course material was logical and easy to follow, building on the lessons and days before.

Michael Rodzinski - Mechanical Test Systems Engineer, Tesla Motors, Inc.

“Nine Dot Connects trainer, Dan Goddard, is the best software instructor that I have seen in my 30 year engineering career. I have never seen an instructor so familiar with every feature of such a complex software product like Altium Designer. His extensive experience in using the software for numerous PCB designs allows him to impart extremely practical knowledge upon the trainees related to pitfalls encountered while using the software. There was no question that Dan could not answer. Outstanding course!”

John Tarmas - Electronics Engineer, Department of the Navy

“Dan Goddard taught a 3-day Altium class in Jacksonville from 9/6 to 9/8. He did an excellent job. I have not had such a good training class in long time. I had to leave before he finished the PCB routing section, so I did not get to say thanks for a job well done.”

Robert Loe, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE)