Tool First or Process First

We get the following question quite often from students who want to know more about the PCB Foundations course:

Should I take an ECAD tool course like Altium Design Full Spectrum first before taking the PCB Fundamentals course?

We often forget that software is simply a vehicle to assist us in achieving various goals.

  • Mastering MS Word may make writing a manuscript easier, but it does not make one an author.
  • Mastering MS PowerPoint may make it easier to pull together a presentation, but it does not make one a professional speaker.
  • Mastering Quicken may make it easier to handle one's accounting, but it does not make one a millionaire.
  • Mastering an MCAD tool does not make one a Mechanical Engineering or draftsman.
  • And above all, mastering an EDA tool does not make one an expert in PCB design.

Software is only created to assist us in our day-to-day operations; however, it still requires us to be "in the know" about the subject of effort. We let the tools control us all too often rather than control the tools.

Knowing the PCB design process is just as critical as understanding the process's tools at Nine Dot Connects. That's why we developed the PCB Foundations class. This 3-day class walks you through the complete design process. It was written so ANYONE involved in the process can gain much from this course.

Test Your PCB Knowledge