Test Your Altium Designer Knowledge

We get the following question quite often from students who want to take either the Boot Camp or Spec Ops course from us but not sure which one:

         Which of the two classes should I take?

Of course our answer is "it all depends...". To help you determine for yourself, we have put together a 27 question knowledge inquiry. Once you complete this quiz, we believe it will be clear to you as to which of the two classes that he or she should sign up.

If you answer 20 or more questions correctly, you are ready for the Spec Ops course. Although you might still consider taking the Boot Camp as a refresher. For example if you have taken an Altium basic course based on Altium Designer Summer 09, you might consider the Boot Camp course refresher before taking the Spec Ops course. The quiz is developed based on Altium Designer 16.

We provide this quiz a guideline only. It is not a hard-fast-rule that if you answer for example only 18 questions correctly that you should take the Boot Camp.

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