Test Your Altium Designer Knowledge

We get the following question quite often from students who want to take make sure their time and money is spent on the 'right' course:

         Which of the three classes should I take?

Of course, our answer is "it all depends...". To help you determine for yourself, we have put together a 30- question knowledge inquiry. Once you complete this quiz, we believe it will be clear to you which of the three classes you should sign up for.

If you answer 24 or more questions correctly, you are ready for the Spec Ops course. However, you might still consider taking the Full Spectrum class. For example, if you have taken a course based on Altium Designer 17 or prior, you might consider the Full Spectrum course refresher.

Our Full Spectrum, by far the most popular, course was created for PCB designers having prior EDA tool experience but limited experience with Altium Designer. Though Full Spectrum is based on our Boot Camp course offering, it moves at a faster pace, covering more detail in each section, and includes enhanced exercises. Full Spectrum dives deeper into the PCB editor features, such as rigid-flex, via types, advanced routing, planes and polygons, and design rules. This 4-day course will help you gain a significant advancement of proficiency and knowledge in the use of Altium Designer.

The quiz is developed based on Altium Designer 21.

We provide this quiz as a guideline only. It is not a hard-fast rule that you should take the Full Spectrum or Boot Camp if you answer, for example, only 20 questions correctly.

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