Spec Ops -
Altium Designer (3 days)

The Altium Designer Spec Ops course was designed to cover Altium Designer features that are well suited for those who already have a good foundation in the tool. Topics such as DRC rules, multi-channel design, X-signals, differential pair routing, and match length tuning are covered in this course. This course builds on the basic skills users have acquired through the Boot Camp training or personal experience.

In 3 days, Spec Ops will help you become more productive in the PCB environment through the effective use of Altium Designer and its features. Along with detailed documentation and data management topics, advanced routing and construction techniques will be explored. Mastering high-speed design constructs like differential pair routing, length matching, and tuning will be introduced and reinforced. Additionally, students will be introduced to many of Altium Designer's latest features, geared toward maximizing innovation and efficiency.

  • Day 1 - What's New in AD19, Configuration Management, and Project Setup
  • Day 2 - Placement and Advanced Routing
  • Day 3 - Altium Designer Specific Applications

The ideal entrant into our Spec Ops course will be a Nine Dot Connects Boot Camp graduate or an Altium Designer user who is comfortable navigating the software. The student gaining the most would be the PCB designer who wants a boost in productivity, design accuracy, or detail. The engineer is looking to achieve the next level of creativity and innovation.

Note: Spec Ops is centered on the PCB editor; it does not contain library-related training. Customization of the Spec Ops training to include the component design or library management can be arranged.

"...I have never seen an instructor familiar with every feature of such a complex software product like Altium Designer. His extensive experience in using the software for numerous PCB designs allows him to impart extremely practical knowledge upon the trainees related to pitfalls encountered while using the software ..."
John Tarmas - Electronics Engineer, Department of the Navy

You will be provided with a training manual (314-pages).

Cost per Student: $3,750 (in-class), $3,450 (interactive, instructor-led online)

3-Day Course Agenda
Locations & Dates

"The Full Spectrum course was very comprehensive, covering each setting, menu, property, etc. Exactly what I needed, someone to walk through all these things. Thanks a ton!"

Mike Kleist, Principal Hardware Engineer at Spectrum Brands, Inc

"Erich isn't just an instructor. He's also someone who uses the tool regularly himself. That makes a difference. With him, the material wasn't just a list of topics to cover. He was able to show it as a connected set of techniques that combine to serve a useful purpose. I found his presentation style clear and easy to understand. I was already very familiar with Altium Designer but a much earlier version. The interface has changed enough that I was becoming frustrated. The most valuable thing I received was an insight into how the new user interface is intended to be used. I now again feel like the tool is working for me instead of against me."

Brian Falter, P.E., Electronic Innovations Inc.

"I thought the course manual was very well written and up to date with the latest features of AD20. This makes up for beginners' fast pace like me since I was a bit slower in picking up the basic navigation skills as a first-time user. This enables you to catch up after hours, refresh yourself with the course material at a later date, and utilize this manual as a continuous reference, especially for someone who doesn't use the software every day and does not memorize all that the software offers and all the convenient shortcuts and tools. I definitely appreciate the Full Spectrum course content. It is a rapid way to get up and running with the software while also exploring many of the advanced features that Altium Designer provides. I also appreciate that the course was project-based learning. It helps to understand how the software functions most efficiently through the design process."

Stephen Froese, Systems Design Engineer, PerkinElmer, Inc.

"The most valuable from the course material for me was getting the background information on how Altium is set up. I have worked in it for a couple of years off and on. After this Boot Camp, I can easily know where to go to get to do what I need to get done from schematic capture to footprints to Outjobs."

Wayne Hughes, Electrical Engineer, Tuthill

"The exercises were easy to follow and helped cement the topics covered during the guided lectures. I was really impressed with how well the literature and exercises drove home the intent of the modules."

Julio Gallardo, Product Development Engineer, Abbott

"Erich was very interested in making sure I understood the process. He took the time to explain in detail any uncertainties I had. I found the exercises to be most valuable in the Altium Designer Boot Camp course."

Russ Steder, Engineering Technician 2, MSA Innovation, LLC

"Sean has fantastic communication skills and was very patient with all attendees. He took his time to go over specific points, so you really understood all the different options available to you with Altium Designer 2019. Thank you for doing such a great job; it really shows through and is very appreciated. Overall it was a great experience."

Emil Zombory, Design Engineer, PdMA Corporation

"Erich was an incredible and knowledgeable instructor for the Altium Designer Boot Camp. He did a great job of keeping us engaged and developing a lesson plan, which showed us how to develop a PCB project from beginning to end. Even though there were different levels of Altium experience within the students, Erich did an excellent job of tailoring the class on the fly for each of us."

Christian Setiawan, Electronic Engineer, Spectra-Physics

"Altium Designer 18, like many CAD tools in its price range, has many complicated features that most designers will never use, but with this class, I feel confident that my learning curve will be quicker and easier."

Jim Smith, Sr. EE, DANA - Advanced Chassis Controls Group

"I attended the combined Boot Camp and Spec Ops class and found the training to be excellent! The instructor was not only a well outstanding instructor but also a well-experienced design engineer with years of Altium Designer background. He was able to deliver the course content and make sure I was able to fully understand the topics and how they related to my work. I would strongly recommend training from Nine Dot Connects to anyone thinking about improving their skills."

Milton Arturo Diaz, PCB Design Engineer, Molex de Mexico

"We had three days of some of the best training I can remember in my career. The instructor handled all questions, maintained a formidable pace that covered many territories, and ensured no one got left behind. I have received several positive comments from the attendees. Things like "I wish I had had this training 3 years ago!" or "I've spent days trying to figure this out, and it can be done in just a few clicks!" All in all, it was a very valuable experience."

Jeffrey Milsap, P.E. - Medical Device Electrical Engineer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

"Training on Altium Designer with Nine Dot Connects is always a truly enlightening experience. Their comprehensive, hands-on approach ensures that you immerse yourself into some of the most advanced topics of Altium. The free webinars offer critical information and design techniques invaluable to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of Altium. Their highly proficient and adept staff provides you with the knowledge and wisdom you need to tackle today's electrical design challenges. I highly recommend training with Nine Dot Connects!"

George Hunt, Product Manager/Applications Engineer, MICROMO

"Nine Dot Connects provided the Altium Designer Boot Camp private onsite training. The instructor was successful at keeping the entire class engaged, and while working through the exercises, he worked with us on an individual basis. I thoroughly enjoyed this training class? One of the best classes I have ever attended. My goal for attending the class was to understand how everything fits together and have the ability to incorporate part changes as the product matures. I feel I have a good understanding of the material as it relates to my job function."

Configuration Manager - Harris Corporation

"We first worked with Nine Dot Connects via their Altium Designer Boot Camp course. This course was both informative and practical. The instructor gave us a lot of advice that only a seasoned veteran of PCB design and Altium could provide. We also contracted with Nine Dot Connects for PCB layout services. The work was done very quickly and with high quality. I can wholeheartedly recommend them for both design and layout. Thanks to their services, we have been able to keep our project on schedule."

Timothy Benson - EE, Xylem Inc.

"Nine Dot Connects performed training for 5 people for three days at our facility, and it was absolutely worth it. By the end of the third day, all persons under training could take a design from a sketch to a PCB layout. The training was absolutely worth every penny, and the instructor's industry knowledge and expertise in PCB design was the key to this success."

Scot Shermer, Senior Engineer - GE Oil & Gas

"The combination of a structured training course and flexible coaching hours for diving into detail questions has greatly increased the value we extract from Altium Designer. Nine Dot Connects gives us the experience of having an in-house Altium expert to bounce questions off, but at a much lower cost than trying to hire someone with this experience."

Colin O'Flynn - CTO, NewAE Technology Inc.

"Taking a design from start to end in the proper order. I took this course from (another provider) a couple of years ago. (it was) taught out of sequence - didn't get around to talking about library parts until day 3. Complete waste of time. Your course was far more valuable."

Ken Gott - Development Engineer, Sciton Inc.

"Nine Dot Connects' instructor was an outstanding instructor. Deep understanding of and experience with the material and ability to tailor the course to the class's skill level made it an enjoyable 3 days. The flow of course material was logical and easy to follow, building on the lessons and days before."

Michael Rodzinski - Mechanical Test Systems Engineer, Tesla Motors, Inc.

"Nine Dot Connects' trainer is the best software instructor that I have seen in my 30-year engineering career. I have never seen an instructor familiar with every feature of such a complex software product like Altium Designer. His extensive experience in using the software for numerous PCB designs allows him to impart extremely practical knowledge about the trainees' pitfalls while using the software. There was no question that Dan could not answer. Outstanding course!"

John Tarmas - Electronics Engineer, Department of the Navy

"Nine Dot Connects' instructor provided an onsite 3-day Altium class in Jacksonville from 9/6 to 9/8. He did an excellent job. I have not had such a good training class in a long time. I had to leave before he finished the PCB routing section, so I did not get to say thanks for a job well done."

Robert Loe, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE)