Test Your PCB Knowledge

We get the following question quite often from students who want to know more about the PCB Foundations course:

         Who should take the PCB Foundations course, and why?

Of course, our answer is "it all depends...". To help you determine for yourself, we have put together a 21 question knowledge inquiry. Once you complete this quiz, we believe it will be clear to you whether or not this class is right for you.

This quiz has many 'gotchas,' but then, of course, so does the PCB design process. That's why we developed this course. Unfortunately, respins and mistakes in the PCB design process cost money and time. Knowing the gotchas play a large role in minimizing, if not eliminating, mistakes that make the art of PCB design miserable and stressful.

If you answer 17 or more questions correctly, you are probably an experienced PCB designer that understands the manufacturing aspects well enough to skip this course. We recommend an advanced EDA tool training such as our Spec Ops course to assist you in making the most of your SOLIDWORKS PCB software.

If you answer between 14 and 16 questions correctly, you may be well versed in PCB design; however, the manufacturing process may not be well understood. If you are finding that your design process suffers from numerous respins, the PCB Fundamentals class will help to improve your manufacturing understanding, which in turn, will enhance the design process.

If you score below 14, the PCB Foundations class is a must for anyone who will have a hand in the PCB design process, whether it be a new grad or program manager, and anyone in between. We also recommend our SOLIDWORKS PCB Boot Camp course. Knowledge of the entire PCB process and a good foundation in your EDA tool will result in designs that are not only manufacturer-able but come together smoothly.

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